Our Preschool Teachers

Teacher Mary - Evergreen Elementary Site

Mary Tyler has been at our Evergreen site for over 17 years. Mary has a BA in education and bring over 20 years of teaching experience to our Co-Op. She resides on the Key Peninsula with her husband. She is also a proud mother of three daughters. When she is not working with our Co-Op kiddos, she is busy being a grandma to three little ones.


Teacher Kolby - Grace Church Site


Kolby Asbra returned to our cooperative in 2018 to teach at our Grace site. Kolby taught at our Vaughn Elementary site for 6 years before taking a break from teaching. During that time, Kolby spent 6 years as a parent and board member in our Co-Op while her 3 boys attended our preschool. She has been involved in every aspect of the preschool's operation from Teacher to Board President.


Teacher Jennifer - Vaughn Elementary Site
Jennifer Albertson teaches at our Vaughn Elementary site. She has been working with preschoolers in the district for the past three years. Jennifer has a BA in early childhood education and is the mother of two boys, ages 8 and 10 who both attended our Vaughn site. She and her family have been part of the KP community for the past 10 years and Jennifer has served in multiple co-op board positions.