Step One:

Registration for the following school year begins February 1st for current/returning families and March 1st for new families. Our classes tend to fill up by early Spring. We strongly encourage parents to inquire about enrollment and/or waiting lists as soon as possible by emailing us at keypenpreschool@gmail.com. It is not too early to get on our waiting list the year prior to when you wish to enroll your child. Once you have inquired about a open spot please print the Registration Form and mail it in with your registration fee to: 

Key Peninsula Cooperative Preschool - Registration 

P.O. Box 447

Vaughn, WA 98394


When mailing in your registration form, please make sure that you have included a $50 dollar check or money order for your registration fee payable to Key Peninsula Cooperative Preschool or KPCP. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT CASH. A spot will not be held for you without the registration fee, even for returning families.

Please take note that the registration fee is non-refundable. At the bottom of the form where it says Child’s class please specify which class you are requesting: 2-day at Vaughn, 2-day at Evergreen, 3-day at Vaughn, 3-day at Grace or 4-day at Evergreen. We do our best to match you with your preferred class, however we can not guarantee your spot until we have received your registration fee.   

After turning in you Registration form and fee, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email conformation from us within two week of mailing in your form please email us to make sure we received your paperwork. 

Step Two:

Once your spot is reserved you will hear from us again during the summer. You will receive an email and a Registration Packet in the mail. Registration will needs to be filled out and return at Paperwork in the Park (see below).


Those attending our Vaughn or Evergreen site also need to complete an online registration with the Peninsula School District before attending Paperwork in the Park. The enrollment portal can be found Here. Select PreK for the grade your child is entering in to. Email us if you have any questions.

Downloadable Registration Packet:

Bates Registration Form

Immunization Requirements

Certificate of Immunization 

Peninsula School District Registration

Step Three:

Families are asked to turn in all required paperwork in May. Look for an email for the place and time it is due.

Attend Paperwork in the Park held at Home Park in August and turn in all of your required paperwork if you have not done so already. This event is the last opportunity for paperwork to be turned in. This registration event is held on a Saturday morning. At Paperwork in the Park you will also pay your Bates fee and first months tuition. To find out more about payment due Here. We encourage you to bring your children so they can meet their new teacher and classmates. (This is a Mandatory event)

Step Four:

Attend Parent Training in your classroom. Teachers will share about their expectations and your roll in the classroom. Parents Training is for parents and care providers only. Anyone who will be volunteering in the classroom must attend. It is held a few days before class begins in September.  (This is a Mandatory event)

Step Five:

The last step is attendance at Parent Orientation in September. This meeting is to provide you with more information about the preschool and your role in it.This evet is one of the few opportunities that we have to meet as a whole coop with families from all 3 of our sites in attendance. At least one parent/care provider must attend and this meeting is adults only. (This is a Mandatory event)

* A list of dates for these events can be found Here