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Forest Friends Outdoor Preschool

Through positive outdoor experiences, children are encouraged and inspired to participate in engaging, motivating, and achievable tasks in a woodland environment, where each child has an opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation, and keen emotional and social skills.

​Nature Play Outdoor Preschool will be an all day adventure- opening October 2024!

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Colorful Play Dough

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Arts & Crafts

Grow their Creativity

Time in the outdoors not only provides new and exciting ways to play but also offers valuable opportunities for building confidence and fostering creativity.

Nature exploration

Nature is the Teacher

At Nature Play, we use the outdoors to teach valuable lessons and develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Snow Angels

Experience Nature All Year

Preschool runs all year, where children learn and play in the woods in all weathers: sun, rain, snow, warm and cold, (barring high winds or other extreme weather). As the forest is ever changing, each day brings new and different exploration opportunities. 

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