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As parents you have enrolled your child in the Cooperative Preschool Program and you have also enrolled yourself in the Bates Parent Education Program. The goal of the co-op/parent education program is to foster and support parenting and family management skills and to provide an enriching and developmentally appropriate learning experience for your child.

As a working parent in the classroom you will be assisting the teacher with facilitating and supervising learning activities with the children. During this time you will observe and support child development experiences and implement positive child guidance techniques. Working in the classroom serves as the laboratory component of the Parent Education Program.

By attending the various Parent Education opportunities and earning the required number of credits you will be fulfilling the lecture component of the Parent Education Program. These credits are not the same as college credits, but go towards fulfilling your coop requirements.

You pay Bates Tuition Fees to enroll (one person per family) in the Bates Parent Education Program. As a Bates student you earn college clock hours and have access to the Bates Home & Family Life Resource Center, the STARS and the CDA Training series. Find out more about what defines a Parent Ed Credits
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Parent Education credits are required as part of the Co-op Preschool affiliation with Bates Technical College. These credits are given for training/events relating to Parent Support and Education and/or Leadership.

Each school year parents must earn eight (8) Parent Education credits (equivalent to one (1) credit per month the family is enrolled in the school). Parent Education credits may be earned beginning the Paperwork in the Park until the last day of school, unless noted otherwise.


  • No more than four (4) credits can be earned at events not related to our Cooperative or Bates

  • Five (5) Parent Education credits must be obtained by February registration to be a member in good standing.

  • Earning the required parent education credit is your responsibility and part of fulfilling your co-op registration agreement.

  • If at any time you have difficulty earning your parent education credits, please contact your Parent Education Chair for help.

Thank you for your participation and support.

How to Earn Parent Ed Credits:

  • Paperwork in the Park (1 credit)

  • Parent Training (1 credit per attendee, 2 max)

  • Parent Orientation (1 credit per attendee, 2 max

  • Attending an All School Meeting (1 credit per family)

  • Trike-A-Thon (1 credit for attending, 1 credit for volunteering)

  • Volunteering at any of our Fundraisers (1 credit/event)

  • Attend a Board Meeting as a visitor (1 credit/year)

  • Board Members (2 credits/year: 1 for being on the board, 1 for attending a meeting)

  • Attend Parent Share (1 credit/session)

  • Bates Provided Parent eds: board trainings, electronic parent ed, speakers and family events (1 credit

  • Library Story Time (1 credit)

  • Ready for Kindergarten (1 credit)

  • Attend Play to Learn at Key Peninsula Civic Center (1 credit)

  • Community Events (1 credit, must have an educational component and prior approval)

*Please email your Parent Education Chair at to receive credit for your participation or ask about specific opportunities. There are many ways to receive Parent Ed credits through educational experiences. 

*Bates Description of Parent Ed Credits 

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