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Key Peninsula Cooperative Preschool Committee Positions

Family involvement in the operation of our cooperative preschool is vital to our success. We have many tasks, both big and small, that combine to give our program its wonderful depth. As a volunteer organization, each and every job is very important. Our work and support provides our children with a wonderful place to grow and learn. We appreciate your commitment to our school and our children.


You will have the opportunity to sign up for available committee positions during orientation. 

You have until September 23rd to decide what position you would like to sign up for. Positions will fill quickly. If you have a preference, please do not wait to sign up. As of October, if you have neglected to sign up for a committee or job then a position will be assigned to you.



Overseer: Fundraising Chair/Publicity


  • Special Events Committee (4-6 positions)

    • Assist with organizing special events for the year. Each member will lead one special event with support from the other committee members and the Fundraising Chair. This committee will be in charge of planning, organizing and publicizing smaller fundraising events and other preschool events throughout the year. Events include restaurant takeovers, used gear sales, and our greeting card making event. Requires attending planning meetings throughout the year.


  • Trike-A-Thon Committee (4-6 positions)

    • Assist Fundraising Chair with tasks related to the Trike-A-Thon. Tasks include soliciting donation in person and online, picking up donations, passing out flyers, event prep, etc. The bulk of this committee’s duties will be performed from January-March. This committee requires members to meet a few times prior to the event. You can expect to contribute 15-20 hours on the committee over a 3 month time period.


  • Photographer (one per class) (4 positions)

    • This is a great opportunity for someone who likes taking photos. You must have a way to take photos, a camera is not provided. Requires you to coordinate with your teacher to arrange at least one day in class to take photographs. You should also be available to take photos at events such as the livable fair, Trike-A-Thon, etc. Will work with website assistant to upload suitable photos.​​

  • Web Assistant (1 position)

    • Assist Publicity Chair with keeping the website current. Coordinate with photographers to upload classroom and event photos. Helps with promotional videos or brochures for the preschool. May help with social media presence.


  • Grant Committee (2-3 positions)

    • Research and write grants based on current needs of the preschool. Grant writing experience a plus. Communicate with Fundraising Chair to track progress of grants.


Overseer: Secretary


  • Hospitality Committee (one per site, 3 positions)

    • At the direction of the secretary, write and deliver greeting cards for major life events, set up a meal train for a family if needed and any other kind gestures.


Overseer: Parent Ed

  • Parent Education Assistant (1 position)

    • Assist in planning and organizing quarterly parent educational opportunities such as The Nutcracker, Museum meetups, screen free week, etc.


Overseer: Class Representatives


  • Substitute Teacher (one per class) (3 positions)

    • Substitute for the Teacher when needed.  Attendance at the substitute workshop as well as a current First Aid & CPR card are required. Teachers approval needed for this position.


  • Classroom Assistant (one per class, 3 positions)

    • Make playdough upon teachers requests, prep future art projects and refill glue, paint, etc. as needed. Check in with teacher weekly to inquire about class prep needs.


  • Art Helper (one per class) (3 positions)

    • Communicate with teacher and distribute children’s art weekly as requested by your teacher. “Monday Helper”


  • Field Trip Coordinator (one per class, 3 positions)

    • Communicate with teacher regarding dates, theme and location. Create and distribute flyers to class with information about the field trip. Coordinate with field trip site if needed. Organized trip fees if needed.


  • Scholastic Book Order Assistant (one per class, 3 positions)

    • Assist teacher with Scholastics orders. You may be asked to distribute and collect Scholastic Book Order Forms, submit orders and payments to Scholastics and distribute orders to families.


  • Facilities Committee ( 3-4 positions)

    • Communicate with teacher regarding classroom supply needs. Organize and track disposable goods. Purchase classroom toiletries, snack supplies and other miscellaneous disposable supplies as needed. Deliver them in a timely manner and turn in a receipt with reimbursement form to treasurer.

    • Organize monthly deep cleaning and arrange for volunteers to help. Fridays after class may be a good time. See Deep Cleaning Checklist.

    • Coordinate with teacher and class rep to keep bulletin board up to date.

    • Organize regular collection and trips to the transfer station for recycling

    • Organize and maintain facility at the request of the teacher, church or board.

    • Coordinate laundry to be collected, washed and return promptly once per week.



  • Library Runner (1 position) 

    • Communicate with teacher to check out and return library books regularly to support classroom curriculum and current themes.

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